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How We Achieve Organic Reach
With User-focused Content

We focus on the user: We analyze his intentions as well as his emotional and psychological needs and thus lay the foundation for an excellent tonality and experience. We design each piece of content in such a way that it fulfills its reach goal. In content creation, suxeedo ensures that the content generates increased user engagement, raises the ranking and leads to more new customers.

Companies often produce content that either serves too many different purposes (SEO, branding or conversions) or has no strategic orientation at all. Without a focused strategic approach, however, the content has no potential to develop a relevant reach. On the other hand, content in content marketing is often designed to be SEO-heavy, whereby the added value for the user is neglected and performance expectations are not met.

We create content that is specifically designed to improve rankings, maximize conversion rates or generate increased brand engagement. We use a data-based strategy to achieve optimal user engagement. For further information on content creation, please contact us on +49 (0) 30 60 986 89 60 or by e-mail

The Following Content Formats Are Part Of Our Services


Whether e-book, whitepaper or listicle, our text-based contents convince every target group.


This format is excellently suited for content seeding, as a high-quality download format for lead generation and can also be easily used as a print version for customer loyalty measures.


The compact whitepaper contains high-quality, well-researched technical texts that include studies, quotations, graphics and images. It is embedded in an elegant PDF with an attractive layout.

Professional articles

We create well-researched articles with the help of experienced authors whose professional level creates a positive branding effect for your company and offers the target group a high added value in terms of content.

Guidebook article

Our well-researched contributions are published in the form of concise articles or lists. They are individually tailored to the content and stylistic needs of the target group person.


Regular newsletters are an important customer touch point. They are written by experienced technical authors and linked to concrete transactional offers and CTAs.


Discussions with experts, influencers and multipliers charge your brand with credibility and ensure greater reach.


Whether to-do lists for holidays abroad or shopping lists for a particular recipe: our checklists offer users direct added value and are therefore very popular.


Images that are moving: With our moving image campaigns we explain, illustrate and inspire.

Brand Videos

With moving image campaigns, brands can be perfectly staged and made tangible for the target group. They create brand awareness and user engagement.

Product Videos

We place your product in the center of innovative videos that are close to the concrete questions of the target group and stand out through information value or entertainment value.

Explanatory films

We illustrate facts, processes and applications that require explanation with the help of sophisticatedly produced videos that increase the probability of purchase.


With our graphic formats we create sophisticated visual communications that are memorable.


Our infographics are the optimal format to clearly illustrate complex issues. They provide an introduction to a topic in terms of content and have a high organic reach potential.

Interactive Graphics

We create interactive graphics for the visual representation of extensive processes. These are developed by our graphic artists and UX designers based on data and content.

Image Editorship

In close cooperation with the company we take over the organisation and realisation of photo shootings. We edit the images according to the final use and, if required, support with image research to provide suitable photos for landing pages, content hubs and content measures.


We create inspiring and entertaining memes with high viral potential for your social media strategy.

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