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Through targeted B2B content marketing measures, we implement strategies with maximum impact for successful lead generation. We build a bridge between marketing and sales by creating content levers with an added value closely linked to conversion elements.

As B2B content marketing experts and from our experience of being a lead generation agency in Germany, we know that the design and structure of content must satisfy the users informational needs to amplify lead generation. Strategically placed call to actions generate high quality leads and valuable content asserts your company as an authority in your industry.

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Without lead generation, no new customer acquisition. A simple rule that only very few people follow in practice. We turn leads into customers.

Oliver Frank

Content Marketing Consultant

Oliver Frank

Our Services

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Lead Generation Strategy

We create strategies including content measures and the respective conversion elements that attract and convert potential leads.

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Conversion Optimization

We analyse the existing channels, content and conversion elements to identify strengths and weaknesses and to achieve a maximum outcome for your company.

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Lead Generation Content

We develop customized content for the target group to position your company as a thought leader and generate leads via content offerings with integrated conversion forms.

Benjamin Wienzoschek

Benjamin Wienzoschek

Managing Partner

+49 (0) 30 60 986 89 61

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