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How We Use Digital PR To Reach Multipliers

suxeedo considers the topic potentials and core contents of companies under the condition of a positive and lasting resonance, which has an effect on the positioning of the content and the user interaction on the net. In addition to the branding effects of gaining publications in authority media, we weight organic reach and measurable visibility as crucial for digital PR success.

Anyone who wants to operate modern corporate communications cannot afford not to optimize the PR strategy for the digital target group. In the media landscape, all stakeholders of a company are first and foremost cross-media users with different information needs and content requirements. Digital PR means decisively the strategic distribution of needs-oriented content in the form of content seeding. Those companies that place themselves in the relevant online media with their content and the right formats and link to themselves decide on the reach monopoly on a topic. For further information on Digital PR, we would be happy to advise you on  +49 (0) 30 60 986 89 63 or by e-mail


Our Services

Content Pieces

We create and design content with high relevance for your company, authority media and the target group to generate high-quality publications with wide reach and links to the company website.

Digitale PR

We initiate cooperations with relevant media and multipliers and disseminate the content proactively and strategically, according to the content potential and objectives.

Influencer KPIs

Measurable Effects

Our measures lead to increased brand awareness, links to the company website and more traffic. We measure and evaluate the distribution success and calculate the seeding measures based on performance.

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