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As a social media agency in Germany, we know that organic reach can only be achieved through valuable content. The more likes, comments, and shares your content generates on social media, the greater your brand awareness and conversion rate.

Here in Berlin, we cracked the code: going viral can be made possible with target group analysis and tailor-made content that gives your audience an experience. Whether that is through memes, infographics, videos, or listicles, we specialise in developing campaigns that encourage engagement on social media. The more personalised you make the user experience, the more they react to your call to action!

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Users share content out of love for their friends - not out of love for brands. With this insight, we always put users and their interests at the centre of our approach. And this is how sustainable success for your company is created.

Björn Erbslöh

Business & Social Media Unit Director

Our Services

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Viral Seeding

Virality starts with the content. We work with the University of Munich (LMU) to identify the key success factors of virality. With our experience, these findings flow into seeding, which is implemented organically and as a paid measure.

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Social Media Strategy

We analyse how your company can position itself in the social media competitive environment. To this end, we develop holistic strategies that are optimally aligned with user engagement and individual platforms.

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Conversion Optimization

We evaluate existing social media channels in order to identify how and with which measures the conversion rate of your social media marketing can be optimized and which platforms are relevant.

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Social Media Content

We design social content that users like and that triggers meaningful interactions. Whether entertaining memes, videos, infographics or lists: we arouse curiosity, emotions and goal-oriented interaction.

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Influencer Marketing

To increase the reach of social media campaigns, we initiate collaborations with influencers and authority media whose community maximizes the interaction rate, traffic volume and viral reach of the brand.

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Community Management

We manage the communication and interaction with the community according to pre-defined guidelines and in line with corporate behaviour. These serve to establish sustainable user relationships and positive brand awareness.

Björn Erbslöh

Björn Erbslöh

Business & Social Media Unit Director

+49 (0) 30 60 986 89 61

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