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suxeedo develops strategies and content that pick up the user at the most important touchpoint in the customer journey, the Google search. Our concepts precisely target a need-oriented approach in the search experience. The result is not only a higher visibility through better ranking, but also a higher organic traffic volume with positive user signals.

If you only consider the Google search engine when planning SEO, you are falling behind in the planning of measures. In SEO, all approaches revolve around user content – this also serves Google as a central benchmark for evaluating content. On the one hand we optimize existing content, on the other hand we develop content as part of holistic SEO strategies based on keyword analysis and the user questions of the respective sales funnel levels. In this way, we achieve content standing for the brand and sustainable visibility. For further information on search engine optimization, we would be happy to advise you on

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We are standing for relevance, reach and rankings: Whoever recognizes the strategic benefit of their website and strives for a long-term and sustainable success, cannot avoid SEO.

Sarah van den Berg and Niels Dahnke

SEO Managerin & Head of SEO

Foto von Sarah van der Berg und Niels Dahnke

Our Services

Keyword Analysis

We identify relevant keywords for specific topics and analyse the competition to discover potentials and develop concepts for content creation and optimisation.

Content Optimization

We optimize content - not only for the search engine, but also and above all for the user. From text structure to semantic polishing: excellent added value is defined in terms of content and design.

User Experience

Our measures focus on high usability, trust signals and strategic conversion elements that generate positive user signals that benefit the ranking.

Ranking Increase

Our measures strengthen your rankings and increase the visibility index of your website and result in positive user signals due to the optimized information architecture and content experience.

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We will contact you for an individual first consultation within 24 hours.

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