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Navigating the digital realm is non-negotiable in the B2B sector, where your audience isn’t just browsing the search engines – they’re savvy businesses like yours. At suxeedo, we’re not just a B2B SEO agency; we’re your strategic partner in carving out a digital niche that speaks directly to corporate clients. We get it – search engine optimization for B2B is a different beast. That’s why we tailor high-quality SEO strategies that resonate with the unique rhythms of business client interactions.

Dive into our process: a deep dive into your brand, dissecting your services, and decoding your target market’s psyche. We’re on the hunt for those golden keywords that your business clients are using to find solutions like yours. But it’s not just about the keyword research; it’s about crafting a narrative that aligns with their search intent, creating content that matches every step of their journey. We’re tuned into the extended decision-making timelines that define B2B transactions, and we leverage SEO to build a foundation of trust and authority. 

We’re on a mission to elevate your site beyond a mere information hub – it’s going to be a lead magnet, a traffic powerhouse, and a cultivator of lasting business relationships. With suxeedo’s B2B SEO mastery, we’re ready to amplify your online footprint, skyrocket your visibility, and supercharge your sales.

Ready to revolutionize your B2B SEO game with an agency like ours? Let’s talk strategy then! Connect with us at +49 (0) 30 60 986 89 60 or e-mail Let’s make your digital presence unmissable. 

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Our services as a B2B SEO Agency

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B2B keyword research

Every winning B2B SEO playbook starts with a meticulous keyword research. We pinpoint the exact terms business clients use when they’re searching for solutions – terms that will lead them straight to you.

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Content crafted for Business Clients

We’re in the business of creating content that captivates both search engines and corporate decision-makers. It’s high-quality content that showcases your company’s deep expertise and speaks directly to the needs of your business audience.


B2B User Experience Optimization

User signals are the pulse of B2B engagement. We engineer a seamless, intuitive user experience that keeps business clients glued to your website and propels them towards conversion.

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Technical SEO for B2B Websites

From loading speed to mobile responsiveness and secure browsing, we ensure your website ticks all the boxes of SEO best practices. This will set the stage for stellar ranking performances in search engines.


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    Our market acumen, fused with our SEO mastery, positions us as the go-to B2B SEO agency in Germany for firms aiming to amplify their digital footprint in the corporate sphere of the german market. We have our fingers on the pulse of how business leaders search, think, and make decisions. We leverage this insight to craft B2B SEO strategies that don’t just promise, but deliver.

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    b>Q&A's: Frequently asked questions for a B2B SEO Agency

    What sets B2B SEO apart, and what are its objectives?

    Search engine optimization is a multifaceted endeavor, blending technical and content-driven elements. The crux of B2B versus B2C SEO is the audience – B2B SEO targets corporate decision-makers, leading to longer sales cycles and more intricate decision-making processes. Building trust and credibility, along with crafting high-quality content that meets the specific needs and queries of business clients, is paramount in B2B. 

    Regardless of the audience, the ultimate aim of SEO is to secure strong organic search engine rankings for relevant keywords, driving conversions over time. We advocate for a long-term SEO commitment within your marketing mix. As a dedicated B2B SEO agency, we’re here to help businesses align goals and resources for SEO success in the corporate realm.

    When should I consider hiring an SEO agency?

    Businesses typically seek an SEO agency when they’re aiming to boost visibility, attract more qualified leads, or improve conversion rates – often all three. Partnering with a specialized agency is beneficial as it helps tailor an SEO strategy aligned with your objectives. 

    A comprehensive strategy includes keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO fixes, and ongoing SEO performance monitoring and analysis.

    How soon can I expect results from SEO efforts?

    Some SEO actions, like basic site hygiene regarding image file sizes and metadata, can be recognized by search engines within days. However, more significant and lasting impacts generally emerge after about six months, especially for new or not-yet established sites in Google’s eyes.

    How long does a B2B SEO campaign typically last?

    The duration of a B2B SEO campaign is tailored to a company’s unique needs and goals. Generally, it takes about three to six months to fully gauge the impact of SEO initiatives. In the B2B sector, where sales cycles are longer and decision-making processes more intricate, forging a long-term partnership with an SEO agency is often beneficial. At suxeedo, we’ve maintained successful SEO relationships with some B2B clients for over a decade. 

    While services like consultation, training, or website analyses can yield quicker results, sustained traffic and visibility improvements for your site are achieved through ongoing SEO optimizations and strategic adjustments.

    What makes working with suxeedo so unique?

    SEO and B2B Marketing are twin pillars of our agency’s expertise. Our team’s profound knowledge propels your business forward – evidence by our SEO professionals sharing insights at renowned conferences and educational institutions.

    For us, SEO transcends technical tweaks; it’s about creating bespoke content that resonates. Our blend of top-tier content and unmatched SEO savvy will navigate you to your goals.

    Your B2B SEO Agency in Berlin

    Our agency is nestled in the vibrant heart of Berlin, right at Hackescher Markt. In this hub of creativity, right between Friedrichstraße and Alexanderplatz, culture collides with international brands, alongside a lively scene of bars, restaurants, and businesses. 

    You’ll find us easily accessible between the S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt, U-Bahn Station Weinmeisterstraße, and Alexanderplatz. If you’re coming from afar, there’s a swift and direct connection from both the central station and BER airport. 

    Plus, there’s an added perk to hiring an B2B SEO Agency in Berlin – it’s the perfect excuse to explore the capital. We’re always here to welcome you in person!

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