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As a SaaS marketing agency, we assist software businesses in enhancing their digital B2B marketing endeavors. We craft comprehensive strategies, spanning from content marketing and SEO to email campaigns, newsletters, social media, and UX design. Whatever your goals; we align entirely with them. No matter if you’re looking to boost conversions, amplify your visibility on search engines, or increase your lead generation – we strategically guide you.

We understand that when it comes to successful content marketing for SaaS companies, profound industry knowledge about products, services, current topics, and most importantly, customer needs, is required. During our SaaS marketing consultation, we pinpoint specific goals for your business and precisely identify the target audience to determine the appropriate channels in which to reach them.

Our forte is meeting the unique needs and expectations of SaaS marketing via tailored customer digital journeys.

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Our top B2B SaaS marketing clients

We have run over 100 successful SaaS marketing campaigns with our clients, helping brands generate quality leads with strong content.

Our services in SaaS marketing

As a SaaS marketing agency, we offer you the following services:

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SEO Strategy

A website optimized for search engines lays the foundation for robust rankings. From keyword research to on-page and off-page optimization – we've got your back in SaaS SEO.

Icon Lead Magneten

Content Creation

With compelling content, we position your business and its SaaS products as a thought leader in your industry. This not only gives you a competitive edge but also ensures long-term improved rankings.

Icon E-Mail Content Creation

Conversion & UX

A memorable user experience with SaaS products is key, but an appealing website UX boosts conversions long term. We design and place content strategically and effectively to guide users through the SaaS customer journey.

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Lead Generation

Multichannel lead magnets create highly efficient synergies. Our inventive marketing campaigns and strategies guarantee you leads with significant conversion potential.

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Fionn Kientzler

Managing Partner

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    What our SaaS clients say about suxeedo

    Arvato Systems Logo

    For me, suxeedo is the agency I trust when it comes to content marketing for intricate technical content. The team guides us with a comprehensive strategy across our digital marketing channels – and they do so with a deep understanding of our business and a passionate interest in our shared goals. suxeedo excels at distilling the core messages from complex content and conveying them to our discerning B2B audience.

    Anja Orzel

    Senior Marketing Consultant at Arvato Systems

    The simple, accessible language and short sentences explaining a very complex topic are exactly what we were aiming for.

    Maura McCarthy

    Senior Communcations Manager at Emnify

    OSP logo

    Marketing IT solutions for retail and logistics in a comprehensible manner can be challenging. suxeedo supported us with professional product and solution content for our website relaunch for our technical B2B services. Nothing is overlooked: the texts focus on technical expertise, branding, SEO, and conversion optimization. Many thanks – the collaboration is truly enriching, both professionally and personally!

    Melanie Steinsiek

    Marketing Lead at OSP (Otto Group Solution Provider)

    Our SaaS marketing customer cases

    Emnify Case Study Titelbild mit neuem Logo
    24.02.2022 in Case Studies

    Case Study: Content Marketing für EMnify

    Erfahre, wie EMnify Content Marketing für ein spezielles Feld der B2B Branche umgesetzt hat und mit Fachexpertise punktet.

    Menschen auf einem Platz
    14.07.2022 in Case Studies

    Case Study: Mit einem Website Relaunch zu mehr Conversions und Leads

    Als Thought Leader positionieren und für eine gezielte Conversion- und Leadsteigerung sorgen. Erfahre wie OSP, ein internationales Tech-Unternehmen, zusammen mit suxeedo ihren Website Relaunch mit Content UX und transaktionalen Landingpages umsetzt.

    IONOS Logo mit Hintergrund
    26.01.2023 in Case Studies

    Erfolgreiche Seeding Kampagne von IONOS auf mehreren europäischen Zielmärkten

    Starke Offpage Signale in mehreren Ländern durch die Erstellung von Studien mit Mehrwert und Content Assets, die auf die spezifischen Gegebenheiten der verschiedenen Länder abgestimmt sind.

    Q&A: Frequently asked questions for a SaaS marketing agency

    What is SaaS marketing, what is the strategy's goal, and are there agencies that solely focus SaaS companies?

    SaaS marketing refers to specific marketing activities for companies offering Software as a Service (SaaS). The primary goal of this strategy is to reach potential customers, spark their interest, and persuade them to use the company’s SaaS solution by highlighting its benefits and value.

    Specialized SaaS agencies often possess in-depth knowledge of the industry and its unique challenges. Due to their specialization, they can offer tailored strategies and solutions precisely aligned with the needs of a SaaS businesses.

    How can a SaaS marketing agency assist me?

    A SaaS marketing agency supports companies in various aspects of SaaS and – if needed – B2B marketing. This includes developing an effective content strategy, creating and executing targeted marketing campaigns, optimizing the website for search engines (SEO), generating leads, and even hosting SaaS solutions. 

    Effective consultation from a specialized SaaS marketing agency is based on extensive industry experience and its particular challenges. At suxeedo, we have various SaaS experts with technical and creative minds on our side, known for creating high-quality, performative SaaS content.

    Why is lead generation so important for SaaS companies?

    Lead generation is vital for SaaS companies as it helps to identify potential customers. Once potential customers have been identified, it leads the way to gaining information that can be utilized to help spark their interest in SaaS solutions. Ultimately, SaaS companies can align their sales and marketing activities with potential customers by acquiring qualified leads, thereby increasing their revenues.

    What benefits can SaaS companies gain from SEO?

    When users face a technical issue or seek suitable software, they turn to a search engine. Technical terms have an extremely high search volume meaning that corresponding placement in search engine rankings can generate significant organic reach that lasts longer than, for example, expensive PPC campaigns.

    SEO helps SaaS companies increase their visibility in search engines. By ranking higher for industry-relevant topics and optimizing your website for relevant keywords, SaaS companies can drive qualified traffic to their site, enchance brand visibility, and win potential customers for their business.

    How long does a collaboration with a SaaS marketing agency last?

    It entirely depends on your goals and the desired service. We have a range of tailored options and can assist you with anything from a one-off workshop without subsequent support to longer term collaborations. However, for best results, we advise sustainable content marketing through continuous signals to Google and your target group. 

    We believe: the longer the collaboration, the more successful the results.

    This is a huge contrast to performative marketing channels such as a PPC campaigns via social media and Google Ads. With such PPC campaigns, you have measurable results quickly, but these tend to be short-lived and rarely allow room for sustainable progress.

    What budget should I expect when working with a SaaS marketing agency?

    The budget for collaborating with a SaaS marketing agency can vary significantly and depends on factors like the scope of desired services and your specific goals. For continuous support and long-term implementation digital marketing strategies, collaboration costs start at 3,000 Euros a month. Typically, the best results that are sustainable and visible are established from this price point.

    When will the first results of the measures be visible, and how are they measured?

    When results are measurable largely depends on the chosen SaaS marketing measures and varies greatly depending on the strategy and channels used. Especially in SEO, results are visible after several weeks or even months. 

    Results are measured using various content KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as website traffic, conversions, lead generation, and revenue growth. As a SaaS marketing agency, we help you define the right metrics for your goals and regularly analyze progress, allowing for adjustments when necessary.

    What makes a collaboration with suxeedo special?

    As a renowned SaaS marketing agency, you benefit from over a decade’s worth of expertise in the SaaS sector when collaborating with suxeedo. We’ve not only accumulated extensive expertise but, through our vast network of multipliers and experts, have gathered valuable insights across the entire B2B market. These are the ideal prerequisites for fruitful collaboration and your success. 

    Our primary focus is always on content creation and SEO. We produce tailored content that not only offers an ideal content experience but also performs strongly in search engines. Our constant focus is on measurable reach, which we build organically and sustainably for you. We naturally question every step in regards to reaching the goal.

    We look forward to getting to know you and shaking up the SaaS industry together.

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