How We Maximize
Competitive Effects With SEA

suxeedo uses Search Engine Advertising (SEA) to create strategic visibility campaigns in order to generate maximum competitive effects for the brand. We design SEA campaigns whose measures and processes are geared towards addressing the user’s needs, aiming for maximum conversions for the brand.

Companies often make the mistake of underestimating the role of SEA as part of a high-revenue marketing strategy: Google remains the number one touchpoint for the majority of companies with its customers. At the same time, the increasing placement of ads for relevant keywords is displacing organic search results from the user’s field of vision; “above the fold” is usually only paid content – the organic results are only accessible after scrolling down. We develop campaigns that perform well based on SEA mechanisms and increase the conversion rate for our clients. For more information on paid search engine advertising (Google Ads) we will be pleased to help you +49 (0) 30 60 986 89 60  or by mail

Our Services

SEA Analysis

At the beginning we determine your strengths and weaknesses as a brand in competition with other companies in the Google search engine in order to identify the potential for the optimal user approach.

Conversion Optimization

We evaluate current campaigns and develop optimization strategies and guidelines for your SEA strategies to increase the conversion rate.

SEA Concept Development

We provide operational and conceptual support to strengthen the outcome of your SEA campaigns and synchronize the process with all other marketing activities.

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Managing Partner

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