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Higher engagement through user focus

Performance through UX: Why user intent is the measure of all things

This whitepaper uses practical examples to explain the influence of user engagement on the ranking of content measures and how it can be integrated during content creation and optimization.

With a 3-step model consisting of user psychology, customer journey and user frame, all relevant intentions and touchpoints can be identified and covered to provide the user with the best possible content in a targeted manner.

We discuss the interaction of touchpoints, content formats and content for an effective user approach and conversion. We also highlight the connection between user experience, user signals, and increasing rankings. Our observations clearly show that user experience can have a leverage effect on the visibility of a website, which is something that has been largely underestimated.

3-Schritte-Modell aus User Psychology, Customer Journey und User Frame

The 3 pillars of user intent

Develop content that is guaranteed to generate traffic and specifically address the user's needs.

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User Psychology

If you understand the motivations and needs of your users, you can provide them with the right content and target them effectively.

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Customer Journey

If you know the specific position of your users in the customer & content journey, you can reach them in the best possible way with the appropriate formats.

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User Frame

If you can narrow down the wireframe of the user's needs, you signal competence, create trust, and build lasting user loyalty.

The authors

suxeedo and Searchmetrics - Two Thought Leaders in Digital Marketing

Fionn Kientzler

Fionn Kientzler is Managing Partner at suxeedo and has already implemented over 300 successful campaigns for online platforms including DAX and Fortune 500 companies. He is also a regular speaker at national and international marketing conferences and events.

Fionn Kientzler

Managing Partner suxeedo

Daniel Furch

Daniel Furch is Head of Content Marketing at Searchmetrics. As a link between data science, SEO, graphics and marketing, he is responsible for the conception, strategic alignment, and creation of online content.

Daniel Furch

Head of Content Marketing Searchmetrics

Content that performs

28 pages full of insights for better rankings

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